blovely photography


Breanne SmoleyComment

i have to tell you what an incredible experience and honor it was to photograph the birth of sweet baby arthur. it was the evening of july 3rd, and i got a text from isabel saying that she thought her water had broken and was headed to the hospital. i had plans to head to the cape that night to celebrate the 4th of july with family, but isabel's text stopped me in my tracks. i waited until isabel gave me the go ahead that it was "official" and headed to the hospital in a torrential downpour that was the small storm that raged before the actual Hurricane Arthur (no, he wasn't named after the hurricane!). i had to pull over three times on the way to the hospital because of the blinding rain, but i made it. when i walked through the double doors isabel gave me the tightest, warmest hug that let me know how much it meant to her that i was there. i'll let the photos tell the story of the beautiful, beautiful few hours we shared together. it took me dayyyyysss to process how emotional and meaningful it was to witness the incredible birth of arthur.